OneWord - Shoes

OneWord is an exercise in swiftness. Sixty seconds and one word to write about. That word today? Shoes.

The man stood there, collar up against the cold, and stabbed the worn tip of his black lace-ups against the concrete. He probably didn't have the money for it, you could see the wheels turning, but those shoes needed some TLC.
"I'll take good care of you. Let me at them shoes, and you'll be seeing your face every time you look down."
He climbed into the chair and I went to work.
"I've got a job interview," he said, absently.
"There's a special rate for that," I said, knowing that this was one of those no-tip opportunities.
Just doing my part for the economy.


quin browne said...

note to self: do not read thom's blog before i do one word.

well done, thom...

Donna said...