OneWord - Dial

OneWord is a writer's prompt that speaks to brevity. One word and 60 seconds to pen something.
The word of the day is "dial."

Her tears made stream tracks across the murk that covered her face, a mix of dirt, soot and God knows what else. She’d struggled against the ropes until they gave and stumbled through the cellar until she found the steps, an exit. The phone was a wall unit, avocado-green and rotary dial. The handset gave a hopeful tone.
Yet every number she rung from memory came back disconnected…


b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

I almost wanted to keep going. How long had she been there? In these times we have to wonder?


Donna said...

Hang on a minute ... did you end this with a lyric from a country song? (Just how I heard it.)