Tuesday's NaiSaiKu Challenge

If it’s Tuesday, it must be time for the NaiSaiKu Challenge.
Andy says:
“First of all I must stress that NaiSaiKu is a just for fun form of poetry. It’s not meant to be taken seriously by real poets or by academics.”

Inspired by old homestead farms on the prairie.

webs of spiders hang,
standing proud, despite neglect,
twisted wood, silence,
twisted wood, silence,
standing proud, despite neglect,
webs of spiders hang


Andy Sewina said...

Thanks for posting Thom,
This is sadly beautiful!
what else can I say?

Janet Jarrell said...

Yes, I see this all the time. Living out in the country it lives on the old barns and in the areas we don't frequent. I think you captured a feeling about that. Nicely done.

Janet Jarrell said...
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