Programming notes, etc.

First, a few Tension housekeeping notes:

I'll be on assignment all week, covering the Tour de Kota bike ride across SoDak. Daily musings here might not be possible across the entire wind-swept prairie. I will, however, update Three Word Wednesday and will try and contribute to the writer's prompt. I might not comment, however, on people's contributions until I'm back in SooFoo.
I am on Twitter. It was bound to happen. You can follow me at @tgabrukiewicz. But as one friend (and follow) said, "Not that anything meaningful can come in 140 characters." We'll see.

And while this blog has transmorgified into more of a literary bent, on occasion need to release from my chest thoughts and feelings (that need was the beginnings of The Tension in 2005).
I've grown into a glass half-empty kinda guy across 46 years. Say it ain't so, but all the good things on my horizon come with a tangle of weeds. And all I can see are the weeds. Life, career, finances, writing - all show signs of significant growth and happiness.
If I can get my mind out of it and just trust.
Anyway, I've got a decision to make - soon - about where to live. There's a building downtown that's been renovated into lofts. I took a tour - the place is a skeleton of framing - but saw what could become my very own top-floor, one-bedroom loft overlooking downtown.
It's the Maxwell Building. See the top five right-hand windows? The set of three would be my living room; the set of two is the bedroom. The place comes with all appliances and fits (barely) into my budget. Five blocks from work, two from Falls Park and three from the river.
Oh, and they're dog-friendly.
So what's my problem, right?
That whole glass thing. Being somewhat restless. Nagging questions over my chosen profession's future. Family ties.
But, free my mind and my ass will follow, right?


Donna said...

The loft sounds fantastic. I say, just do it!

Here's some food for thought (for what it's worth). If you want to see the glass as half-full, all you have to do is see the glass as half-full. (Nope, not being a smart ass.)

It's the most simplistic concept, and the hardest to implement. You're pretty much trying to change a Pavlovian reaction. It takes a lot of reiteration at first. You literally stop yourself from seeing things the way you always have, and remind yourself there's another way. Eventually, you get the hang of it. :)


missalister said...

Donna’s right on re: the retraining bit. I had to finally get to the point where I was so sick of being unhappy I’d do anything within reason to be happy. And retraining my brain was within reason. The thing that helped me the most when I went into the old pattern of being unhappy about something was to realize in the middle of it, “It doesn’t have to be this way,” and then I could choose another direction.

I totally dig the loft situation. When I was in Dallas I used to wish I could live on one whole floor of one of the renovated warehouses. The only problem for me these days is Nova’s gettin’ to be an old man and if he was willing to go the two blocks to the park, that’d be it! These days we got to get to the grass pretty soon out the door, you know?! LOL! That'd be something to think about with Sculley anyway, I suppose : )

FKlausen said...

Who am I to tell you how to flip from the glass half-empty to the glass half-full kind of attitude. If you spend your time drinking from the glass, then you're living life... That is what we're supposed to do... right? So, you start at the top (when it's full!!) Sometimes it does get to be half empty, but usually if you really look at the good stuff that is going on amidst the crap, you can see that it will fill itself up again, eventually! I think the thing to remember is you can always begin, again!

FKlausen said...

Oh, and by the way... I think the loft is metro-ish! FULL-On!! (No pun intended - well, kinda!)

Life without Clots said...

with a loft you can have room for many glasses; half-full and half-empty. then you can decide daily what you are. Or, you can adopt the "don't care" posture, and live without those labels.