OneWord - Event

OneWord is a great prompt to spur the creativity is tiny chunks. You get 60 seconds and one word. Go write. The word? Event.

Save the date. There will be cake. We'll dance by the moonlight and drink champagne from women's slippers. It'll be grand.
Nothing will be shocking, all will be silver and gold.
Please RSVP by midnight.


when the musics over said...

This party's got sole!

Thanks for the new que (one word).

Donna said...

Hmmmm .... sick and demented seemed to have taken a back seat to romance. What's up with that? Is this what happens when sick, demented, romantic writers fall in love or something?

Et tu, Brute?

Sweet. :)

Daily Panic said...

This would be a great event! I want to go!

I am still alive,surviving my pending divorce.Thanks for asking.

I'll be around a little more.

Large Marge said...

Hey, wait a minute, where is the word "event" in your piece? ;-)

quin browne said...

i look for your one words these days.