Tuesday's NaiSaiKu Challenge

Time for Tuesday’s NaiSaiKu Challenge.
Have you tried it? A NaiSaiKu is a form of poetry with a certain pattern of syllables and lines, with the title in uppercase.

lovers twist, a tryst,
rhythmic dance in the moonlight,
naked flesh glistens,
naked flesh glistens,
rhythmic dance in the moonlight,
lovers twist, a tryst


Wendy Naisa said...

Hi Thom, sounds like you know some cool places! The Secret garden, phew!
-Andy Sewina

poefusion said...

Sounds like someone's being naughty in their Secret Garden. Isn't life funner that way? Have a nice night.

Daily Panic said...

Lovely, naked sums up the image, tryst and the title pulls it all together.
It is nice to be reminded of how love is. When you aren't feeling loved it is always great to read something so simple and bring back those feelings.

good NaiSaiKu.I haven't tried writing one, maybe one day. :)