Sunday Scribblings, "Confess"

The prompt over at Sunday Scribblings is “Confess.”
“Anything to confess?”

Yes. This piece is a reworking of my first-ever try at a Fiction in 58, which I wrote in 2007.

The Lies of Lovers
A quilt spread in soft grass gone golden. Two young lovers.
A blade of grass in his mouth.
She chews gum, spearmint.
“In the war, I did grisly things. Shot a family’s pigs, just to hear them squeal.”
“In Prague, I’m Lady Tatyana, Dominatrix. For serious cash, I dispense spankings, humiliation.”
“I love you.”
“Warts and all?”


anthonynorth said...

Quite the confessional. A nice gritty feel to it.

Unknown said...

Definitely has appeal.
Your words draw a very vivid picture:)

Have a very nice day!

teccer said...

Hello fishermen!

Dee Martin said...

If this was video, you could see my grin! Lady Tatyana scares me a bit :)

Jennifer Hicks said...

liberated lovers!

floreta said...

this is the kind of openness that i like!

paisley said...

oh i love it!!!! are there guys like that???

when the musics over said...

Nice one Thom. I like how they both are nervously chewing as they confess to one another. It adds to the tension.

missalister said...

Haaa, yes, if he likes grisly things, warts are definitely for him. And ditto Michael’s appreciation of the chewing.