The NaiSaiKu Challenge

I’m a little late, but here’s my submission for the NaiSaiKu Challenge:

gloom, like storm clouds, swell,
paralyzed, shut off, ailing,
hopeless thoughts burble,
hopeless thoughts burble
paralyzed, shut off, ailing,
gloom, like storm clouds, swell


Andy Sewina said...

Hi Thom, you have a wonderful way with words, I've read this and re-read it several times, just to enjoy the way it sounds.

Many thanks for posting, and it's never too late to take The NaiSaiKu Chalenge?

zoya gautam said...

.. what melancholy
vibrant with the agonies
a flower injuredwith such vibrant agonies
was melancholy ..

{ to lady diana / diana princess of wales - }

zoya gautam said...
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