One bad Apple

I’m a Mac guy. Always have been. Always will be.
It doesn’t mean the little company in Cupertino doesn’t piss me off from time to time.
I have a Mac iBook. The original click-wheel iPod (and yes, I got it waaaaaaay before iPods were considered cool). I’ve had three Macs, including the cute, little original that looked like a little beige garbage can.
Recently, I just upgraded the iBook’s Mac OS software to Mac X Tiger.
Now, there’s the leopard in my future.
Yep, Mac recently introduced a newer, bigger, better operating system, code-named leopard. It looks great, and has functions I’m going to need.
And it’s going to cost me another $150 bucks or so to get.
Which I will do so, happily.
But what pisses me off currently is the fact that my original iPod earphones have given up the ghost.
And I cannot, for the life of me, buy a pair of earphones that come standard with the iPod.
I know they have them; I bought my wife a Nano for Christmas, and helped my son get his Nano a few months ago.
Both came with the little, white Apple earbuds.
Which you cannot buy separately.
Oh, you can get replacement Apple earbuds, but the reviews are horrible. Everyone hates them. So you’re stuck getting a pair of Sony earbuds that cost like $50.
I want the originals, goddamit!
Oh, and another thing – when I bought the original iPod, it came with the home charger.
My wife’s and son’s Nanos came without. It’s $29 to get the charger, so you can plug the damn thing into the wall, without having to always have your laptop. Sometimes, my wife forgets to plug the Nano into the computer, and she’s constantly complaining that it’s got a low charge, as she heads to the gym.
There’s another $29 I’ll be shelling out. Sooner, rather than later.
I’d just like to say one thing, Apple: I’m a consumer – who is getting tired of consuming everything.