Cool ass-plosions

Head’s up, science nerds – tonight on Mythbusters on The Discovery Channel, Adam and Jamie delve into the phenomenon of mixing soda and Mentos breath mints.
With chaotic results.
There are hundreds of videos floating around the Internet about the experiment. YouTube, Google Video, you name it.
The ass-plosion (ha, get it?) of Mentos and soda experiments are just flat out hilarious (here’s my favorite
OK, so what’s the experiment?
If you take a two-liter bottle of soda (diet works well, since its less sticky to clean up) and drop like a dozen Mentos into the bottle, you’ll get a geyser that’ll shoot 18 feet in the air.
I so totally want to do this.
Especially if we can rig a way to have the soda bottle lift-off – like the space shuttle.
So do a couple of co-workers (and fellow bloggers).
“That parking lot back there…” I said.
“Dude, we’ve got a convenience store across the street, and that whole parking lot…”
And the cool thing is, one department just got new digital video cameras.
So we can add our own stamp on this Internet phenomenon.
Just so you know, Adam and Jamie tackle this problem at 6 p.m. PDT tonight (Aug. 9) on Mythbusters on The Discovery Channel.


TheRobRogers said...

We're gonna get this thing done. Maybe this afternoon, when things are winding down ...