Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

You can say that Steve Jobs has had an impact on my life. I bought my first Mac in 1984; I've never personally owned anything else since.
Currently, that's a MacBook Pro, iPad 2, iPhone 4 and an iPod Nano. The 21.5-inch iMac is on order.
He taught me that creativity is in the heart and in the mind.
That I got to work for Apple, even for a short time, gave me an insight into the culture of not only a company, but a man.

"Stay Hungry. Stay foolish."

"Think different."


pia said...

The 21" Imac screen probably saved my eyesight. Of course now that I have had it for about four years I want the 27" screen.
The first time I saw an Ipad I realized I would no longer need a laptop--the screen resolution's incredible
I have an ipod touch I can use for a phone but who am I kidding? I need an iphone--need not want

That I think was Steve Jobs brilliance he made you need things you had no idea would become essential to your life and lifestyle

My sister called the night he passed crying. It really did feel like a member of the family died. That too was his brilliance--he became essential to your life

I think Apple will go onto a long and great life without him--it might be better for stockholders as they'll probably have to pay a dividend or split. But when Steve Jobs was at the helm you didn't care about such mundane things

Obviously my sister and I are both design freaks

I'm sorry I wasn't in NY when you worked for Apple--always wanted to come see you at the store. I love those stores even more now that I live far from one and have to order thing. Oh god this is a long comment!

Anonymous said...

Would have been even greater if you were using Safari as your browser on your laptop. Very good homage but Fail. Do another one, it would be great.