3WW CCLXIII, "Awakenings"

The words over at Three Word Wednesday are breach, ember and tentative. A poem? Sure, why not.

A tentative heart sings not,
no music in its everyday beat,
shy and shaded, it but does it’s job

There’s an ember in a glance,
a beat that skips, not just once,
heat, flush, emotions are awakened

A tentative heart, breached,
uneasy, like a baby’s first steps,
there’s rhythm now, a sing-song,
love’s awakening, rich, unpredictable


Kim Nelson said...

This flows beautifully, Thom; and the last couple of lines are simple, brilliant, true.

Christine said...

nice, like the way this moves, makes my heart beat a little faster too

Morning said...

amazing word flow.

Morning said...

amazing word flow.

© Westlander Poetry said...

Awakening ... an unfolding. Thanks for sharing :)


Andy Sewina said...

Sure why not? Nicely said Thom!

dandelion girl said...

I like the idea that love gives your heart a song and it certainly is rich and unpredictable.