Photo Friday

In a departure, no moving pictures, but pictures nonetheless.
Thursday night I attended a pinup photographers Meetup in the Bowery, where we were tasked with shooting Burlesque. The lovely Lily Stitches and Miss Em were the performers.
I shot 363 frames between two cameras and ended up editing the following shots.
I hope you enjoy.
Burlesque, your Photo Friday:




Donna Hole said...

Interesting repeats. I think burlesque is something that needs seen in action to truly appreciate.

Nice pictures though.


Dee Martin said...

I didn't even know there still WAS
I like the way you captured movement in some of the shots.
...and the flame swallower? Whoa!

Jeni Mc said...

this is what I was sadly deprived of during my ill fated experience saturday night. My dress would have been appreciated here.