OneWord, Trailer

The cigarette smoke came out of her lips like car exhaust, floated around her streaked-blonde hair and dissipated into the warm summer night.
He’d promised her a life of luxury, if only she’d keep her mouth shut – and her legs open. She’d fought him every step of the way, and when she turned up preggers, that’s when he bolted, took his interests and money elsewhere, up and fucking disappeared on her.
The money she saved helped her to buy this trailer, a single-wide, but in decent shape.
The seed he’d given her, well, Daria, she’d be here any day now.


Donna Hole said...

Yeah; such is the life of a modern woman.

sorry; my social worker values are showing.

I liked the characterization; the realistic voice. This is short, but so culturally specific. Nice job.


jaerose said...

A trailer and a trailer for life ahead..Jae

trisha said...

nature is too unfair with the female species.