Hitting the Reset Button

It’s true, I often create my own mayhem.

It’s part title of my blog and it’s printed on my business cards.

I can get into the most amazing situations. Probably not by accident. It's how my life rolls sometimes, like being in the vortex of a blender.

I should be writing today about being in Gotham for six months now, how it’s been, and where this sabbatical thing is going.

Instead, I’m announcing a reboot.

Starting April 1 (no joke), I am signing a new one-year lease on my condo and I’m restarting the sabbatical.

Most of it has to do with the previous roommate situation. Let’s just say that chapter of my life is over, I’ve shut the book and returned it to the library.

And will forget it ever happened.

Forward motion is the best motion, so I talked with my landlord, who asked that I stay on until the lease expired on Oct. 1. I told her that I’d like to re-up for another year, just make a new lease and she was ecstatic.

We’re working on getting a new roomie, one who is vetted properly.


The first six months held a lot of ups and downs. A lot more downs than I’d care to admit.

But that forward motion thing. I’ve got a great part-time job that pays me ridiculously well (and I’ve been told I’m getting a monster raise in June) and that helps pay the day-to-day bills.

More importantly, I built a contingency plan into my finances for doing this sabbatical. I banked far more money than I needed for a year, just in case (that mayhem thing). With rent covered, I’m free to continue to explore the city at a pace that’s comfortable. Write what I see, and still keep to my goal of getting two short stories published in that year.

Going forward, I’ve joined some Meetup groups, talked to other writers about starting a collective and generally have made it a mission not to mold myself to the furniture and get out.

This is after all, New York.

Last week, I became a member of the Museum of Modern Art, then spent four hours being inspired by my favorite artists.

Tonight, I’m meeting friends for a Burlesque show at the Bowery Poetry Club.

If I’ve learned anything form my parents (who made me, and this sabbatical possible) is to march to your own drummer. Be true to who you are.

Step off the curb, even though you may know it’s unsafe.

Work without a net sometimes.

Be bold.

Be yourself.

Another 12 months in NYC?

Yeah, it suits me.


Uncle E said...

Good for you, Thom. In the words of the immortal Viv Savage, "Have a good time...all the time"

VL Sheridan said...

Glad it's working out. What ever happened to the cat?

pia said...

Life's much more interesting without the net. She says having spent most of her life refusing them
Glad you're staying

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

I love NYC and can't imagine a better place for such an adventure.

Donna Hole said...

It's awesome you can do this. someday, I wish . .

Gotta get what pleasure you can out of life and its possibilities.

Good luck Dude.


Heather Mangan said...

Hi, Thom, I was just reading your blog and really loved this post. I am sorry we never did get a chance to meet in NYC, but I wanted to tell you that I think its incredible that you made this decision. Maybe it's not a sabbatical, after all. Maybe it's just life. Good luck on the next phase of this adventure.