3WW, "Keep Your Distance"

The words over at Three Word Wednesday are dual, identical and volley. Here, in 100 words, is my response:

Keep your distance
The black jeans, the polished-black Doc Martens, the Misfits T-shirt (black, of course) are a cloak.
A way to plow through polite society without having to answer a single goddamn one of a volley of stupid, fucking questions.
The dark glasses help, dual polished mirror lenses looking back.
The fuck-you attitude, it’s identical deterrent.
Soccer moms part for you at the convenience store; old men stare, then look away, with a slight shake of the head.
Just the way you’ve planned. The moves you’ve perfected in the mirror.
Blackness. Don’t touch, me motherfucker.
(Loneliness is a supple bitch).


Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Nice. I knew kids like that when I was a young'un. They didn't fool me, but I respected their wishes. I prefer the world keep its distance, too.

Old Altonian said...

That's a gritty observation. These aggressive (looking!) idiots think they are free and independent, expressing their anti-social individuality, whereas all they are doing is donning the UNIFORM that denotes they are sad, insecure losers.

oldegg said...

Curiously there is that underlying feeling of sadness and despair at not fitting in so a mask has to be worn. Despite what we see there is somebody at home behind the disguise that has a future...perhaps.

Where to from here ThomG?

trisha said...

people hide their true self for so many reasons.

beautiful take.


jaerose said...

Ah yes..fuck you all but why does nobody love me..not just the preserve of adolescence...a small and mighty punch of a piece..Jae

Grandma's Goulash said...

Insightful and expressed so well. I've known many young people who have adopted this protective persona and it frequently hides a gentle, even shy, interior.

I'm a bit late with my 3WW, but hope you'll find time to stop by: A Sacred Bond

Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

a great take on why the uniform.