OneWord, Lousy

OneWord is a quick prompt that gives you a word and 60 seconds to write.
The word? Lousy.

He whispers a silent prayer, hands clutched tight around the cold steel of the 6 train so his knuckles go white, and bows his head to hands. Lips still mumbling, he cracks an eye open. Then the other. He snaps them closed. The train is lousy with them. Infidels. He tries to not let them in, let their voices infect his mind, but he feels their eyes searching for a way in. The train lurches to a stop, steel doors open and he jumps to his escape.
The crude pipe bomb ticking in a canvas bag.


Monica Manning said...

This is why I loath public transit. You just never know who's sitting beside you.

I love your use of 'lousy'. Not enough people use it in that context. I've been mulling over the word myself today. Alas, nothing has clicked. Perhaps I'll keep mulling.

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