New York, Day 53

So I’m sitting on a park bench in Central Park, eating a whole wheat bagel (toasted) with a schmear of walnut/raisin cream cheese, Trinity sitting on the grass next to me, when weatherman Al Roker power-jobs by and says, “Hey, beautiful dog.”
That was my New York experience Saturday, the 52nd day in the city.
Sunday, I got up, walked with Trin to the farmer’s market at Columbia University, got a coffee and some fresh, warm apple cider doughnuts and sat in Morningside Park, soaking in the late-fall sun.
I’ve hit day 53 in My Year of Living Dangerously in New York. I’m employed (two part-time jobs, working retail and as a dog-walker plus two freelance contracts) and I’m happy.
Seriously happy.
I will admit that everything here hasn’t been easy. The first 25 days were rough. I came here with two suitcases, Trinity, my computer, a lawn chair and an inflatable bed. Not having your belongings can make for some restless nights.
But I shrugged it aside and used the time to explore.
And continue to do so.
Once the holidays are over, I’ll get into a good work rhythm, a good writing rhythm and continue to observe, explore.
It’s all good.


Uncle E said...

Good for you, Thom. We're all rootin' for ya!

SSQuo said...

Very cool!!

You never know what's gonna happen in NY, do you? And when that becomes part of your life, where you say hi to a star/celebrity and walk right ahead, is when you are truly a NYorker.

Although, I mistakenly thought someone was Johnny Depp as he walked past me in W.Village. Embarassing. :)