OneWord, Understood

A little nanfiction for you, brought forth by OneWord, a dandy prompt site that gives you a word a day - and 60 seconds to say something.
The word today is understood.

He felt like, if they’d just read the fucking report he’d prepared - that was right in front of them in the packed conference room - everything would be OK.
He would be understood.
Maybe for the first time in the whole his miserable fucking existence.
They weren’t reading. Hell, they weren’t even listening.
Meyerson, the big baby, was drooling all over himself with tears and snot from all his wailing.
He took finger off the trigger guard, ran a thumb across his brow.
“The sooner you read, the sooner this will be all over,” he said, just above a whisper.


missalister said...

Dude! I did this oneword too! Yours rocks like crazy and always!

Btw, did your f-words get your entry monitored? I used the MF word in mine and it's hung up in eternal moderation.

But NP, a cool dude from there answered my question via e-mail promptly and I can respect their stance.

Are you a member there? We should hook up : )