OneWord, Delight

OneWord is a prompt about quickness, about description. See how much of a story you can tell in 60 seconds. Granted, I write for the full 60; yes, I do edit after.
Today's word? Delight.

She delights in teasing the young men, all those suitors who stare at her in the subway after giving them a slight look up her thigh, or bending seductively in a department store to check the strap on her high heels.
It’s a game for her, one she propagates with creamy white business cards, embossed with 10 numbers when the bravest of the young men get up the nerve to ask.
She tosses her raven hair, takes out the solid silver case, hands over a card between two elegant fingers, the nails painted in what looks like dried blood.
The number rings her ex-husband, and she delights again in thinking of the surprise on the young men's faces, the anger in her ex’s.


J.C. Montgomery said...

I love the way your brain works. A take on revenge I would never think of myself. You are sooo wicked. Wickedly good.

Dee Martin said...

buwahaha how funny is it that my word verification is depoop??
This was delicious...

Anonymous said...

Love. it.

Unknown said...

Love it. May have to try this saucey little trick!