OneWord, Runaway

OneWord is one of those prompts I find keeps the mind - and fingers - nimble. Click a button, get a word (runaway) and 60 seconds to write. And here's what comes out:

Runaway sobs build in his chest, wailing, snot-filled howls that reach a crescendo with a hiccup. Deep breath. Violent thrashing into the seat of his truck.
And it begins all over again. Staccato cries, a Doppler affect of sadness, despair.
He’s in the middle of a field, spring mug up to the axles, wondering how it all got away. The job, the house, the wife. His dog, for chrissake.
He’s trapped in a country and western song and realizes too late that he doesn’t have a gun to put a proper end to it.


G. Graham said...

you write very good stuff. That sounds simplistic, but that's because it's merely a carrier for the following. The one-word was runway.:)

Dee Martin said...

Bless his heart, if he had a gun he would have been out of ammo....