OneWord, Letter

OneWord isa writer's prompt I like to visit at least once a week, if just to nudge my creativity a bit. The prompt gives a word, and 60 seconds to write something.
That word is "letters."

The letters began to arrive three days past his funeral.
Hand-written on thick, creamy stock and in ink - with an elegant fountain pen, no less - each explained some mystery of him to friends and family. They were written in his forceful voice, but lacked his humility and his humor. Its as if the words were instructions for putting together a prefabricated coffee table.
Each began with “Friends,” and ended with a signature, his looping script, but just the initials of his name.
She’s so far not found the strength to share them with anyone.
She keeps them locked in a jewelry box.
And has taken to waiting for the postman.


Kat said...

I read your post on One Word today.
Just wanted to let you know that I think it is beautiful. Poignant, even.

Daily Panic said...

I like the secret.

I didn't know you did the 21 day fast... Go you!I am going to do a week this month.

Zouxzoux said...

I want to know more.....