Walking a Mile in Her Shoes

There’s nothing funny about domestic violence. Especially in and around my adopted hometown.
  • During 1999-2001, the average calls for child abuse referrals in Shasta County was 4723 calls per year; 70 percent higher than California. The most reported type of abuse was general neglect (37.8 percent).
  • Between 1997-2000, Shasta County averaged 1,298 domestic violence calls per year; 30 percent higher than California.
  • During 1999-2001, an average of 495 children under 18 years of age were in foster care in Shasta County; 9 percent higher than California.

Sobering statistics. That’s why I’ve signed up to Walk a Mile in Her Shoes at 10 a.m. on Saturday in Caldwell Park in Redding.
I’ll be wearing the shoes your see there on the right.
OK, that’s funny. If you want to see me wobble 5,280 feet in these things (which I got online from a ‘Diva’ Web site), by all means come out and put down some cash.
And if you want to donate from far away, email me (on my profile) and I can shoot you my address.



Large Marge said...

You know, I still have the most phabulous dress to match those shoes! Chicken!

P.S. And speaking of Diva's, don't forget to read my blog this morning.