Thursday's 3 Word Wednesday

The prompt words over at 3WW are rest, sidewalk and twice.
I decided to dictate a bit of Fiction in 58.

The boy, at rest, was bundled energy; muscles tucked into shorts and grimy T-shirt quivered, rippled against containment.
At play, he was maniacal, a wave of motion; his hair bore the style of wind-blown shock.
Bare feet, soles thick as shoe leather, slap against the sidewalk in midday heat.
Twice, he snuck cool sips from a garden hose.


Tumblewords: said...

Love the descriptive piece. hair bore the style of wind-blown shock - I read that twice and then again - it's wonderful! Great writing!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tumblewords, I love how you show us so much with so little. I am in awe. And jealous. As always.

Anonymous said...

Haha. You're right, that's how I was when I was little.

I never wore shoes and always drank from hoses.

ThomG said...

Tumblewords and JC: Thanks. Kind words go a long way.

Noah: I was the same way as a kid.

TC said...

OK, I've been wanting summer for awhile anyway, but this just clinched it :) Summer, and a trip to the farm I grew up on so I can drink from a garden hose again...

Uncle E said...

This was one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Is it my nephew?


walking the sidewalk