Tuesdays are made for Fiction in 58

He’ll have what she’s having
He invites her to coffee, but knows she’ll order tea.
He’s over-caffeinated, edgy. He falls for impulse purchases at convenience stores, pills with names like Vigor-X and Buzzy Bees.
He downs energy drinks with warning labels for pregnant and nursing women.
He’ll have the tea.
And forget to mention the pot of espresso roast he mainlined at home.


Anonymous said...

Oh. This is clever. I want to try this sometime. :D

Your writing is always good, but I try to not say anything unless I have something to say.

J.C. Montgomery said...

I was thinking about how gallant he seemed until the last line. I guess one must always have a back-up plan. *sigh*

ThomG said...

It is hard to break habits, I think.

Large Marge said...

Nice piece. Me likes. Was that a Yerba Mate tea?