A little fear is a good thing

OK, it doesn't look like it here, but there were Class 3 rapids on this run. I know, I ran them.
We did upper Clear Creek, from the little town of French Gulch to Whiskeytown Lake.
(All the rapids pictures I took with my underwater film camera and no, there is no instant joy with film.)
I forgot how much fun whitewater kayaking is. There's an element of danger, slicing through a rapid, getting bounced by a rock, ducking brush; it's all good. Then there's those flat sections where you float, shoot the shit with your buddies, rest up for the next set of rapids.

On this run, there's like six Class 3 rapids (Rapids are moderate with irregular waves which are difficult to avoid. Complex manuevering is required to avoid capsizing. Most danger can be avoided by experienced paddlers. Large waves and/or strainers may appear. Strong currents can make self-rescue difficult. Scouting is advised for inexperienced paddlers). Enough to keep your wits about you.

I did not dump (inflatables are very forgiving); and I feel very much alive.

And ready to go again...