OneWord, "Past"

OneWord is a quick-and-dirty writer's prompt that gives you a word - and 60 seconds to write something. It's a great way to jump-start your day. 

Here's my OneWord for Nov. 29, 2012:

We all have a past. And a present. And a future.

It’s the past that defines us, binds up. Trips us up, really.

We live in the past, wearing hurt and failure like bulky jackets.

We try to stay in the present, but the past keeps bubbling up.

So we dream of the future, which is still going to be littered with past misery. 


jaerose said...

And doesn't that jacket get bulkier and heavier with time and too much wear..nothing for it but a cup of tea and a biscuit..time is chaos..or what we try make of it at least..jae