The words over at Three Word Wednesday are emotion, falter and touch. 

We lead separate lives, you and I.

Separate and separated.

I see you walk through life, unaware of me, doing the most mundane things and I can’t help but love you. 

Secretly squeezing the tomatoes a little to hard in the grocery, then popping grapes in your mouth while no one’s looking. 

The way you flirt with the barista at the coffee shop, he’s what, 17? His cheeks are ruddy by the time you turn and bounce away, carrying away your tall latte. 

The way you greet friends at lunch, it takes my breath away. The hug is real, no air-kisses. You plant one on the cheek – and it’s beautiful and wonderful and makes me love you even more. 

You looked at me once, and the emotions crackled through my being like electricity. Thank you. You’re beautiful. 

You were out to dinner with your family, and I was at a table alone and I played a game where your conversation was our conversation, but it was sad, harsh words between you and him and I faltered and spent nearly the rest of the evening getting drunk and punching a hole in the sheet rock of the garage.

I’m fine, really. No need to worry. 

 The stitches come out next week. 


Old Egg said...

Unrequited love is hard to bear. Perhaps she will see you one day so keep holding that torch for her. This was so easy to visualize I even had to rub my knuckles at the end.

maglomaniac said...

wonderful Thom Wonderful

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Very well written. It flowed with emotion, it...well, it just flowed. Thank you.

Monica Manning said...

It was painful enough to live through this as a teen and we all told ourselves: "It gets better." But it doesn't, does it? The torch only gets heavier.

Jae Rose said...

So breezily sinister..jae

joanne said...

Scary stalker! And pathetic....sad

VL Sheridan said...


RMP said...

wow. one might say this piece a bit stalker-ish, but I watch too many crime dramas. I rather stick with the romantic feel of it.

Unknown said...

What was the terrm? Hopeless romantic.