Scenes From The City

Funny what gets awakened when you move to a place where there’s something to see around every corner.

I’ve been in New York some 72 hours, and besides stopping at odd moments to profess, “I live in New York,” I’ve found that having my camera handy is a terrific way to document not only the journey I’m on, but the city where I choose to be inspired.

And what inspiration.

Funny, I’ve not taken a lot of shots in my neighborhood. I sit on the dividing line between Harlem and East Harlem in Manhattan. But I had a guest in town, H, who graciously drove my truck back to SooFoo (and will babysit it) in exchange for a weekend in the city.

Those shots will be coming in the next days and weeks.

But for now, sit back, relax, and view other parts of the city through the lens of my Cannon G11 camera:

Random subway images

Rockerfeller Center

Union Square

World Trade Center

Times Square


Unknown said...

Great pics Thom. The cultural diversity is so evident. Wish we had more of it in SD. Bergster

Daily Panic said...

Smiles over here! Thanks for showing us your view- so far it's amazing.

quin browne said...

He's a wonder with the camera... our joint desire is to have furniture will make the entire year here even better. One day, we shall have more than a lawn chair to sit upon, as God is my witness!

mrae said...

You captured my heart with the picture of the girl knitting!!!!

the dummygirl said...

T -
You never cease to amaze me. Even though I was standing next to you for almost every one of these photos, you and your camera see something totally different than what I saw.

Thanks so much for sharing your visions and your new city with me.


p.s. I promise to take good care of your truck ;-)

Zouxzoux said...

Awesome photos! New York, like my city of New Orleans, has a wealth of worthy subjects to photograph. Enjoy and keep sharing with us.

pia said...

Great pictures. I haven't been to The Trade Center since a group of bloggers went years ago :)

I would love to see how you photograph the Gehry building--on West at the High Line. Think that's the ultimate NY test :)

Jae Rose said...

The 'Wow-ness' of living in New York translates perfectly in these shots. So many lives going past your lens. All with stories..Jae

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing New York with us; hope it continues to inspire your mind's eye.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your view of New York with us; hope it continues to inspire and keeps your camera busy.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Thom, you're totally making me miss New York and the weekends I used to spend there. Such an alive, vibrant place. Keep the pictures coming!

OMJ said...

Wow, felt like I was there.

Waldo said...

Ahhhh ... New York. The greatest city in the world ... next to London, Paris, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Ponce, Puerto Rico. The coolness just seeps out of the manholes. Have a great adventure and hope life is lip-smacking good.