OneWord, Shore

It's good to have personal stuff. As I write this, I'm sitting at my desk, in my chair, with music playing and the dog curled up at my feet. Still have some unpacking to do, so I've gone over to OneWord to get their prompt.
The word is "shore." As always, you get 60 seconds to write.

Barefoot on the sand, she follows the spine of the shore by feeling where the tide tickles toes, brisk and refreshing. It’s a moonless night, and the darkness feeds her mood. There’s a sadness to her gait, dried tears upon her face. There’s a slight rise in the sand and here the shoreline opens up. Water laps over her feet. She turns toward the water and begins walking, fresh tears streak down her cheeks.


pia said...

I feel that girl. I know her. You are a master of description
Thom you're one of the few bloggers who make me feel humbled