Fiction in 58

Since several people put out the OneWord prompt up on the Twitter stream, I’ll go with a Fiction in 58 today. Please enjoy.


The itch starts just above his right wrist, where blue veins conjoin. He scratches idly, which only intensifies the feeling.
He increases the pressure.
Until thick ribbons of skin came off his hand, exposing greenish-gray skin covered in thick, clear mucus.
He tries to scream.
No shrieks leave his lips; blossoms of itchiness spread across his chest.


Toi said...

SCARY -yikes!

rebecca said...

Tease. Really? Come on, this requires many, many more words!!!!! MANY!!!!

Hate to curse but sometimes the word just fits: this was f*cking awesome.

Maybe we can expand this to a novel? Awesome concept....