100-word flash fiction - Burst

Here it is, in 100 words, a sliver of flash fiction. I hope you enjoy:

I’m on the front porch of my boyhood home, lighting off bottle rockets.

It’s incredibly late. Or freakishly early. Anyway, whatever.

Dad’s inside. Dying. Of cancer. The aggressive kind.

I’m drinking whiskey.

I blaze the fuses with the tip of a cigar. Wait for the fuse to burn down just so.

Then toss the rocket skyward.

With each burst, I take a drink.

Then repeat the entire process. I’ve been doing this for hours.

Dad appears at the screen door. He’s mildly annoyed, I can tell.

“Get your ass in here. I’ve things to tell you. Before it’s too late.”


Jae Rose said...

It is good to be reminded of how flash should be done - a succinct cathartic boom - and also thank you for keeping us in words at TWW

Joseph Johnson said...

Thom,always love your writing, even if I can't always understand it. Thankfully, this is not one of those times.