OneWord, Wealth

OneWord is a prompt site I like very much. Sixty seconds to write about one owrd. In this case, it's wealth.

If you hard it all, what would you do with it?
He rode the bus to a place of business he hated, seething silent as menial tasks were completed for bosses who didn’t give a shit. He rode home to a place where shabby was a step up, cracked plaster and stains and roaches crawling the walls.
On a mattress on the floor, he crossed his arms and laid his head in his palms, staring into the darkness, dreaming.
Counting the hours. Making the anticipation that much more delicious.
The Power Ball drawing was 348 days ago, the largest pot in the tri-state area. No one had yet come forward to claim the big check, the wealth. At 366 days, the ticket was worthless.
A smile spread across his face. He still had time. Moments to savor his shitty lot in his current life.
He looked at the Bible on the nightstand, licked his lips. His winning ticket was tucked in it, slid safely into Ecclesiastes.


April said...

You wrote that all in 60 seconds???? WOW. Nice.

Toi said...

CooooL, love this piece, Thom.
I can really visualize this guy...
who is a real guy.

Matt Merritt said...

No wonder you can write so much. A 60-second race reads like a polished piece. Nice work.