Ficton in 58

I have bronchitis. I’ve time for a Fiction in 58, before I pass out again.

That water in the bath is warm, and is just deep enough that when he submerges, he can breathe through his nose.
Air bubbles escape his ear cavities, ticklish, and the world is mute. He’s aware of the stereo, the street noise, but all he can hear is his blood, pulsing.
He is back to the womb, briefly.


Dee Martin said...

perfect flash for someone with bronchitis :) Hope you are better soon!

Daily Panic said...

Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for 3ww even though you are under the weather!

I'll bring soup for lunch!
Do you have a favorite?
Split pea? chicken noodle? vegetable? Chunky beef stew?
(Really! I would if I could. :) get well wishes)