Alex Chilton, 10/28/50-3/17/10

Alex Chilton, rock guitarist and killer songwriter, died Wednesday in New Orleans of heart failure.
He sang with The Box Tops and later with Big Star.
A band that has figured largely into my musical, The Replacements, were heavily influenced by Chilton. They even wrote a song about him, which included the lyric, "If he died in Memphis, wouldn't that be cool?"
From The Mats, I became a fan.
59 is way too early to go.
Rest in peace, Alex.

"The Letter"

"Can't Seem to Make You Mine"


Westerberg, "Alex Chilton"


Uncle E said...

Ah, that's too bad. I came late to the Big Star party, introduced to them by Teenage Fanclub and their amazing Bandwagonesque album. RIP Alex.