Pardon our dust

I do not have the Interwebs at my loft yet. I am at a WiFi hotspot leting everyone know that The Tension will be hit-or-miss this week. Sorry for that.

Anyway, a couple asked what the heck a loft is. Per Wikipedia:

"Loft mainly refers to two different types of rooms. It typically refers to an upper-story attic or basement of a building, directly under a roof. Alternatively, it can refer to a loft apartment, which is a large adaptable open space either created or converted for residential use."

In my case, both are true. I am on the third floor of a converted old building on Main Avenue. The building was built in 1926 (trying to find info on what it was; before it was my living space, it was home to a hotel and restaurant supply company).

It is the most coolest space I've ever lived in. Pictures soon.


Linnnn said...

New space, new spirits. Wait! What's this tucked in below your post? Intriguing label: nekkedness. Well then, you must celebrate your god-given right to cavort nekked in your new digs.

Daily Panic said...

Very cool congrats!!!

Jane Doe said...

That sounds so cool! Congrats on your new space!!