Bringing back the hat

It’s not far-fetched for me to make a fashion statement.
I mean, I routinely wear a rabbit-fur bomber hat around SoDak. I wear a cowboy hat.
I have titanium earrings, for chirssakes.
But I’m really hoping Barack Obama steps it up on Jan. 20.
I want him to wear a hat to the inauguration.
Bring back a new are of hat-wearing.
A fedora, hopefully.
(But not a Homburg.)
(And probably not a Porkpie.)
If President-elect Kennedy is regarded as “The Man Who Killed the Hat” in American Society (he didn’t wear a hat to his inauguration and men everywhere soon followed), then President-elect Obama is to only person to reverse that.
And he could do it in a big way.

I mean, I’d look great in a fedora.
(Not so much in a Homburg; a Porkpie, maybe.)
I just don’t want to go first.


quin browne said...

i wear berets..... i guess you aren't hoping for that one, are you?

Miss Alister said...

I’m with you on this one. I love a hat. But I get the feeling our man Obama isn’t a “hat person.” Sure he donned a Lonestar when passing through Austin—and he looked mighty fine, as do you in your profile pic, I might add—but that don’t mean a thing ‘cause the air in TX just makes you do cowboy things. So there’s not much time Thom, you’ve got to be the one to start the hat fuss. If college kid Adam Brickley could boost a Palin wave, why not you surfing the hat wave?