Scenes from a garage sale

The ad said garage sale, 6 a.m. to 1 p.m., no early birds.
Of course, the hardcore folks in mini vans and trucks showed in my driveway at 5:30 a.m.
With offers that bordered on the ridiculous (freaking wait until like noon, and yeah, I'm dealing) and walked away empty-handed.
So far, so good. I sold some shit. About an hour into it, Suzy and I decided to take any reasonable offer. Watering can? A buck. Bar stools? Two bucks.
The small shit sells. And sells well.
The cheese grater still had cheese on it (to my horror). Zoom, gone, for a quarter. And the dude was happy about it.
The large-ticket items like couches and refrigerators? Not so much.
Three hours into it and I've cleared $200 bucks.
I'm thinking of not letting stuff accumulate again.
Keep it simple.
So I never have to do this again.

UPDATE: OK, so an hour to go and most of my shit is gone. Last little bit goes to the good folks at the Cerebral Palsy Association, who will conveniently have a truck in my 'hood soon.
And I've got all my gas money covered to Sioux Falls.


Anonymous said...

Garage sale 101... if it's over a hundred bucks, it's way over the top for many.
I wonder if you can draw some kind of a parallel between the status of the economy and the success of garage sales?
I had my own experiences and we were lucky to get a penny on a dollar. I finally had to just give away a chair and ottoman cause I couldn't take 'em.
Where does all that stuff come from?
(Frankly, I think it breeds at night when we're not looking!)

Anonymous said...

Shit is the magic, here. And the funny thing is, most of everything you pack up will start lookin' like it by the time you unpack.

Have fun...

janehaerle said...

word, word!

Anonymous said...

thanks,Jane...shit is indeed the magic WORD!