Sunday Scribblings: "Now & Then"

Now & Then
Cowboy boots and shorts, BB guns and gasoline,
The boy does not seek out trouble, just the experience.
Impish and carefree, he pushes through life,
Takes it in, breathes it, like the very air that fills his lungs.

The boy ages and life begins its march to overtake,
With fear that seeps in, like afternoon shadows on sidewalks.
Doubt splashes against the boy’s mischievous, yet tender, soul,
With hesitation, sick waves of trembled black indecision.

A life so near to him is snuffed out too early,
A moment where all his heart's hope would be lost.
The man retreats into himself to seek the answers,
And finds the strength at moment’s last to grasp salvation.

The man remains imperfect, and still searches for meaning,
But now with the single-mindedness intent to make up for time lost.
And there are days, sunny and golden, when he conjures up the boy,
The impish one, the one full of joyous tomfoolery.


Linda said...

None of us can forget our younger selves. I like how you said this!

Chris said...

This is so lovely. I have two boys. They are both still young, but I could relate your piece to their lives. Poetry that speaks personally to me is the best kind, at least in my book. I especially liked the lines: "The boy does not seek out trouble, just the experience.” and the last two. Job well done!

LittleWing said...

what a post...full of life's wonders, dreams, disappointments...everything...and you have spoken so beautiful...when i look at my growing son..i see all of these you have described...thank you

tumblewords said...

I was a tomboy and recognize the full force of life in this poem! Nice!