The swing of the pendulum

I’ve reached the point in this vacation where the pendulum has begun to swing toward all the shit I left behind.
And the worry.
And the confusion.
I actually don’t feel any trepidation in going back. I’ve had a great visit with first sister and really didn’t do much. I relaxed. I let my body heal. I ate and drank what I wanted to eat and drink and slept and just vegged. It was exactly what I needed.

A note on the pendulum; I can’t get caught in an extreme swing when I get back to Cali. I need to see my life with eyes wide open. I don’t need to make any decisions – I’ve already promised myself that I wouldn’t make any sudden moves until the first of the year, as it looms out there anyway – since there are things that need to happen for me to move forward anyway.
There are the little things I need to sort out. Things to do for myself and for others. For my happiness and sanity.

This latest swing through the Midwest (and the chance to step out of my life in Cali) has brought up an idea: I seem to be waiting for something. My next life, whatever.
And I can’t wait for something to happen.
I need to make things happen.
Which I will begin.
When I’m back.


Truth in the Trees said...

I think that's what the horoscope meant, ThomG. You got it after all.

Mistress of the Mix said...

OK, I can't wait to see what is you're planning to make happen. If you even know what that is yet!
I hope your arm has healed. My scar is almost sexy now, the way it curves under my right eyebrow.
So I hope you're game - for the game!