No boobies here

What Surface Tension needs is a good dose of boobies.
Drive those page hits through the roof.
I was playing blog roulette this morning, you know, clicking “next blog” on the upper tool bar. I ran into a site that’s (supposedly) written by a college girl back East. She writes some erotica (which isn’t half-bad), but mostly, it is pages upon pages of nekked ladies.
Ads run up and down both rails.
“She” (it’s probably some middle-age perv raking in some serious $$$) has been online a little over a year; in that time, “she’s” had 328,000 people view her profile.
(In comparison, I’ve had 376 people look at my profile since November 2005.)
This isn’t about making money, however. It isn’t about easy-access porn.
It’s about sanity. It’s about real life.
This is what I wrote in my first-ever post:
“This Surface Tension was rippled when my mom died in November. She was a rock, spoke her mind and didn't care what people thought of her. You lose something like that, it's bound to warp your already whacked sensibilities, right?
“So, I'm going to blog. Hopefully, every day (writers write, it's how you get better). I'm going to open up my life and see where this takes me.
‘The next thing most like living one's life over again seems to be a recollection of that life, and to make that recollection as durable as possible by putting it down in writing.’
“Ben Franklin said that, and he was a pretty smart guy.”
I don’t need to work blue. I just need to be true.
To real life.


RachelRenae said...

Hey, just putting the word "boobies" in a post title might get you a little extra traffic!

Thanks for your daily blogging. I look forward to reading your blog every day. By the way, Stephen loved your haikus.

TheRobRogers said...

What a cop out.